What Does GOAT Mean In Sports?

What Does GOAT Mean In Sports? No, we don’t mean the animal. Yes, the word is the same but GOAT has a completely different meaning when it comes to sports. The term is short for Greatest of All Time.

In the age of social media, everything is an abbreviation. So, even long phrases that are often used for players have been shortened to turn it into a single word.

Now GOATS are referred to as the greatest of all times. Let’s learn more about this word in the context of sports.

Who Is Qualified To Be A GOAT?

Many people use this term loosely. If they like a player then they say he/she is a GOAT. However, there is much more to the word than just this. It is not a player that you find exceptional or amazing.

GOATs are players that have world records in timed events or they have gotten an Olympic medal. So, in the more formal sense GOATs are players who achieved these ranks through their hard work.

There is a GOAT player in every sport. For example, Steffi Graf is a GOAT in tennis as she won twenty majors from 1987 to 1999. When we talk about GOATs, we are talking about players who are universally accepted as GOATs.

So, let’s explore some of the universally accepted GOATs who have changed the world of sports.

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The Real GOATs

Here are some of the GOATs according to the category of the sport:

Michael Jordan: The GOAT Of Basketball

micheal jordan

Many amazing players have been a part of the NBA. However, when it comes to Michael Jordan, he is universally accepted as a GOAT without a doubt.

He has record-breaking statistics. Because of his amazing skills, the Chicago Bulls won 6 championships. Apart from that, he is a basketball icon who has inspired many people all over the world from kids to adults.

Tom Brady: The GOAT Of NFL

Tom Brady

This amazing star has won:

  • 3 NFL MVP Awards
  • 6 Super Bowl Rings
  • 4 Super Bowl MVP Awards

Of course, it is no surprise that he is now considered the GOAT of the NFL. He is specifically considered to be the greatest quarterback of all time. Apart from that, he was the inspiration behind 2 of the largest GOAT-related events on Twitter.

All the fans of Tom Brady started flooding Twitter with the emoji of a goat after he won two of his biggest games. So, when it comes to the NFL no one does it better than Tom Brady. 

Muhammad Ali: The GOAT Of Boxing

Muhammad Ali

By looking at statistics we can tell that he may not have the best win-loss record when it comes to boxing. However, he is still considered the GOAT of boxing and people follow him to this day.

This is because he was more than just a great player. He had a unique style in the ring that many still strive to achieve when it comes to boxing.

Apart from that, he is a cultural icon in the world of sports. His wise words are followed by many fans and other people alike even today. Of course, this combined with his will made him a force to be reckoned with.

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Final Words

Many other players are GOATs in their respective sports category. There might be some that you think are GOATs too. However, GOATs are not just great players. They are great because they are also a source of inspiration for millions of people all over the world. They may even not be here anymore but their legacy still lives. That is what it means to be a GOAT in sports

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