How to Wash a Baseball Cap

One annoying thing that every baseball player seems to go through is finding his or her baseball cap all dirty and out of shape after long matches. Not only can this be irritating to deal with, but imagine the horror when you see your prized cap falling into ruins like that with no way out!

But on the bright side, there are tons of ways you can actually clean a baseball cap and turn it back into its brand new condition by following a few simple steps. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the techniques!

Get Some Clean, Warm Water

The first thing you need to do is retrieve clean and warm water in either a bowl, bucket or simply in your sink. Clog the sink down and fill it up with the right amount of warm water. 

If the water is too hot for the moment, give it some time to cool down but make sure it’s not icy-cold by the time you are ready to wash the cap(s). 

Warm water is known to kill off germs and bacteria better and faster than cold water, so it is important that you only use such a temperature to clean out the gunk and other gross remains and debris from your baseball cap. 

Use Detergents

While the water is running down the faucet and filling up whatever you are storing the water in, make sure to pour in some detergent. You can go for any kind of detergent that you want, including powder or liquid detergents. 

It is recommended that you get a detergent which is specifically meant to fight off stains and hard residues from tough fabrics. You also should keep the cap(s) submerged for only a couple of hours or so, as keeping it submerged for longer will start to ruin the overall quality of the product in general. 

Soaking it for only a few minutes, say 20-50 minutes only will not be good enough either as you will only find your caps getting wet but not cleaned. 

Use a Scrubber with Soft Bristles 

It is common for some patches of the cap to be hard and deeply stained, so simply soaking those areas will not be enough to clean the entire cap successfully. In this case, you need to scrub off the hard and strong parts with a brush or scrubber. 

Make sure that the bristles of the scrubber or brush that you are using are not too hard as you do not want to necessarily ruin the fabric threads of the baseball cap in the long run. 

Rinse and Repeat

Before you take it out of the water bath, you will have to properly rinse through the entire cap in order to make sure that there are no remaining soap residues left inside and around the crevices of the baseball cap. 

Soap can be really harmful and irritating for the skin, so you should make sure to get rid of its residues completely before you put the baseball cap back on your head. 

Dry Before Wearing 

For drying, people usually seem to conclude that drying over a dish-washer rack is the best possible choice for a baseball cap, but we beg to differ here. You should not let it dry on a dishwasher rack as that will not really allow the excess water to completely drain off of the baseball cap. 

Instead, we recommend you to hang the baseball cap on a clothing line under the sun, either in your yard or patio. 

This way, the cap will dry out completely as the morning or afternoon sun will be in direct contact with it all throughout the day. 

Afterwards, pat dry the baseball cap and its logos and letterings before you wear it on your head. Remember to be gentle with the logos and letterings of the baseball cap as you should only want to pat dry the remaining water from the baseball cap. 

What Not to Do When Cleaning a Baseball Cap

We thought it would be a good idea to educate our readers about the stuff one should not do when cleaning a baseball cap. Don’t worry, after reading this section you can say goodbye to worrying about damaging your favorite baseball cap during cleaning and restoration attempts. 

Do Not Use Bleaching Agents

Never, and we repeat, NEVER use any kind of detergent or cleaning agent that contains bleach in it to clean your baseball caps. Actually, never use anything that contains bleach to clean any of your favorite souvenirs or wardrobe essentials!

Bleach contains some really harmful and strong chemical substances which can easily remove the overall color and softness of the baseball cap that you are washing. 

Do Not Use Dishwasher Detergent

Another harmful substance that many people still seem to use to clean their baseball caps is none other than dishwasher detergents. While dishwasher detergent does seem like it is soft and gentle enough on your hands and cutleries, it actually contains some amount of bleach as well. 

This is why dishwasher detergents are so good at removing all the rust that develops on your favorite pots and pans with such ease! While they can be really beneficial for your crockeries, the same cannot be said for your baseball caps. 

Do Not Wash Your Cap in the Washing Machine

The tumble dry feature of a washing machine may seem helpful and attractive, but cleaning your baseball cap with the help of that can eventually tear the threads of the product in the long run. 


Hand-washing a baseball cap really seems like your best bet in the end! Whether your baseball cap is a new one or a decade old one, make sure to soak it in clean and warm water at least once in two weeks to keep it shining over the years.