How to Shoot a Basketball

Not knowing how to shoot a basketball can be quite the struggle when you join a sports club. However, the best thing about not knowing this is that there are tons of articles that are ready to educate you on this matter instead (And that means us here as well). 

Although a very simple and relaxed game in itself, basketball can be really hard to master if you do not know how to make a simple shot through the loop. While many are born with this godly talent, the rest of us seem to fall on the untalented end of the spectrum (we feel you). 

But that ends here today! With the game progressing over time so drastically, it is time that you improve your basketball shots as well. And we are here to help you with exactly that. 

In this article of ours, we will be checking out the tips and tricks that you can use to improve your basketball shots without necessarily having to tear out all of your hair out of frustration! 

So say goodbye to annoying blank shots, and welcome a better new by the end of this post.

Maintain good posture

One of the key things to remember while playing any sport, including basketball, is to maintain proper posture throughout the match. Having your back straight and legs relaxed can make such a difference in how you play!

When preparing yourself to make the basketball shot, try to keep your shooting foot a bit further than the other foot. This stance will help you be on your tippy-toes, therefore up and going to make the final shot. 

If you are uncertain with the direction of the shot, relax and breathe for a while. Stand straight with your legs wide apart in order to balance your body and create a perfect line with the center of your body mass. 

This stance will also allow you to align yourself with the basket that lies in front of you.

Bend your knees slightly

If you have noticed, you will see that basketball players seem to always have their knees slightly bent while playing. While this may feel really awkward and comfortable to the audience at times, it is actually a great way to keep your momentum going on the platform. 

Flexing your knees just a bit will allow you to jump whenever needed to, without necessarily spraining your ankle or your hip. The stance will also keep your thighs ready to act when required to. 

In a way, your knees should mimic the way a cat sits right before it is ready to pounce on its prey!

Keep your back straight when jumping 

Most of us tend to get too relaxed when we jump, therefore flaying our arms around the entire place. But you cannot do so when going for the shot in basketball. 

In actuality, you need to be able to master the right balance between relaxing and keeping your body and limbs stiff when going for the throw and the jump. 

When jumping, keep your back and head straight. You should also look at the same direction and keep looking there till the ball goes through the loop. 

Many professional players claim that the power of their throw largely depends on the kind of energy that they can muster from their chest and arms. Flinging the ball loosely will do nothing for you; in fact, it could instead embarrass you in public. 

However, maintaining the right posture and using up the energy in your arms and chest will allow you to keep the basket in your line of sight and throw in the right direction with better accuracy and power. 

Keep your arm in-line with your shoulder

The simplest way to practice balance and stability while the ball is in your hand is to keep your shooting arm in-line with your shoulder. Right before throwing, you should dip the ball towards your waist or your thigh. 

This will allow you to get ready for the necessary shot while keeping your eye on the basket in front. On the other hand, having your shooting arm in-line with the shoulder will act as a guide on which direction you should shoot. 

Grip the ball 

While your dominant arm is responsible for shooting the ball into the basket, the non-dominant hand should lightly grip the ball on the side of it right before you make the jump. 

Do not tightly hold onto the ball as that might trigger the ball to slip out of your shooting hand instead. What you want to do is slightly grip onto the side of the ball so that it acts as a wall behind the ball while you go for the jump. This will help keep the ball in its designated place even while you move and jump around a lot. 

Release your knees

Unlike flexing your knees while preparing for the jump, you will instead want to release them when actually going for the final shot. Release the knees and jump while putting force on your toes so that you get to bounce higher than necessary. 

When jumping, make sure to not lean forward by keeping your back and head perfectly straight and aligned with the basket that lies in front of you. 

Leaning forward could in fact make you lose your balance by distorting your center of gravity. There are stories of players even falling face first on to the floor, thanks to leaning forward combined with the slippery surface beneath!


Going for the final shot is not a hard thing to achieve at all, but only if you know the basics of how it’s done beforehand. We hope that by now you have a clear idea about how to shoot a basketball and that it proves helpful for your next game.