How to Get Better At Basketball

You probably had your debut in basketball at highschool. Surely, basketball is one of the most competitive and exciting sports. It’s hard not to plunge into the court after watching an amazing game. 

However, it’s not like you can throw a ball perfectly without some prior training, even if you are mucking around. Basketball requires you to gain skills from perfect fitness and great stamina to aim and shoot properly. 

If you are a beginner, we have created this guide exclusively for you. Read on and learn how to get better at basketball. 

getting better at basketball

How to Get Better at Basketball?

Well, don’t be disappointed after knowing that there is no single technique or tip for that. Nevertheless, a guideline will be of great help. So, let’s get started. 


Most people ask themselves, where do I start? The first and foremost thing any sport requires is discipline; basketball is no different. And being disciplined means putting your 100% effort into training and exercise. Not just that, you need to maintain scheduled eating, sleeping, keeping yourself fit, and no excuse for missing a workout. 

Practicing with discipline is the key to improve your game, and you will also feel more energized and motivated. 


The next crucial thing is your fitness. Without proper fitness, your body won’t allow you to reach its maximum potential. You won’t be able to spend a long time on the court, get tired quickly, and can injure yourself. 

Basketball needs a great deal of strength and stamina. Your fitness gives you both. So, spend time in the gym with an instructor, workout at home, and keep running. Getting into better shape will also reduce your chances of injury and improve your response time. 


Ever tried jumping into a game just for fun and woke up with your whole body paining the next morning? Yes, this is what happens when you don’t warm up before a game, no matter how fit you are.

It’s not advisable to get into a fast paced game like basketball without a warmup. Stretch your arms, legs, run a few rounds of the court, and shoot some shots beforehand. It will increase your heart rate, improve muscle memory, and reduce muscle cramps.

Game Study

Game-study simply means watching as many matches as possible, on youtube or live. The more you watch, the more you learn. Watching also helps you better understand the sport, develop basketball instincts, learn different techniques and their results, and enable you to make real-time decisions on the court. 

Not only that, but you will also have more basketball knowledge and it’s a plus point. 


The moment you hold a basketball, you start dribbling. Learning to dribble is the most intriguing yet intimidating thing. Although it looks straightforward, it can be quite challenging if you are trying to move around the ball and also protect it from the opponents.

So basketball pros first become the master of dribbling. And you don’t require any partner or even the court when starting on how to dribble. Let’s get into more details of how to dribble. 

Correct posture

Correct dribbling posture is bending your waist slightly with your knees shoulder-width apart. And your knees should be free enough to keep you balanced and move around the court with the bouncing ball. Don’t bounce too hard that your ball rises above your waist. 

Crossover and keeping your eyes up

Crossover means dribbling with your both hands. At first, you will face difficulty in bouncing the ball with your weak hand. But that’s perfectly normal. Just keep practicing in a zig-zag pattern, going forward and backward using both hands, and you will be able to handle efficiently with both hands in no time. 

Another important skill you need to learn is keeping your head up. Try not to look at the ball and focus on things happening around you. This practice goes a long way in giving you full control of the ball. 

Practice Dribble

Practicing dribbling increases your control over the ball and it’s fun too. Some techniques you can follow while dribbling are- dribble constantly with both hands and two balls, power dribble, and power crossover. This will significantly improve your skills when playing defensively and offensively. 

Shoot and Jump

Shooting and jumping are two of the most important basketball skills. While shooting properly enables you to hit the basket from different angles and positions, jumping high allows you to shoot from a distance and block shots. 

And both require a great deal of practice. Practice shooting from various angles and positions until you hit the target every time. And while jumping, make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to not cause you any ankle injury. 

Find a partner

You know all the ways to improve your game. Now the only thing to do is, practice as much as possible. You can practice shooting and dribble on your own but when it comes to passes, game strategy, offensive, and defensive play, the ideal thing to do is practicing with a partner. 

A partner can also help you with training, exercises, and finding little mistakes of yours. 

Watch yourself and evaluate 

Last but not least, analyze your performance, find out what you did wrong, and how you can overcome those. Also, which techniques work best for you, and what are your specialties.  You will get to notice all these small differences when you sit after a match and evaluate yourself. 

It’s even better to record your play and later watch it. Trust us, it works extraordinarily. 

Final Words

Well, that was pretty much all about how to get better at basketball. It requires a huge effort on your part. From physical fitness to motivation, you need it all in order to bring your best game to the court. With dedication, discipline, and practice you can master basketball in no time.