How Does Fantasy Basketball Work?

Fantasy Basketball has gained a huge fan following in the past few years and is a passion for many people. It is an online game that allows players of the game to become managers of their fantasy teams. Those interested to play can sign up for free online and some of the popular sites include ESPN, Yahoo, or CBC sports. The majority of the people are attracted to this sport because they find it entertaining.

The Basics 

Fantasy basketball is a way to put together a team that has not been officially made and consists of your favourite players all on the same team. It works similarly to all other fantasy sports like football or baseball. Sounds fun doesn’t it? That’s why it has become a passion for many in the past few years. A fantasy basketball team consists of twelve to thirteen players like an NBA team. Three of those players stay on the bench while the rest of the ten remain active and score points.

How Does Fantasy Basketball Work?

The Art Of Drafting Fantasy Team

The most fun part of fantasy sport is being able to draft your dream team. Players must draft their teams preseason. It is done along with one’s league members, which can include friends, family, or anyone else interested in playing along. Drafting teams for fantasy basketball requires skill rather than just luck, although luck also plays an important role as you can pick only those players that are available to get drafted. Team makers must consider the past performances of players, their injuries, their playtime, etc, and not just draft the highest-ranking basketballers to increase the chances of winning. If a player’s performance is good but their playtime is less or are prone to injuries, it is only logical to assume that they won’t be able to hit the target score.

Fantasy Points 

Before understanding how the four different leagues of fantasy basketball work, it is important to know the score points in fantasy basketball. Listed below are NBA fantasy points scoring system:

  • Three-Point Field Goals: 3 points
  • Two Point Field Goals: 2 points
  • Free Throws Made: 1 point
  • Rebounds: 1.2 points
  • Assists: 1.5 points
  • Blocked Shots: 2 points
  • Steals: 2 points
  • Turnovers: -1 point

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Different Leagues Of Fantasy Basketball 

There are four league formats or leagues of fantasy basketball which can change the value of players. These include Roto, Head to Head Roto, Head to Head Scoring, and Points.


As suggested by the name, the team with the highest points wins. The fantasy scoring system determines the fate of teams. The winners are announced weekly and a deadline is set in place for lineups.

Head To Head Roto

Head to head roto league has weekly games where one member of the team plays against a member from the opposite team. There is just one loser and one winner or the game can result in a tie. The team with higher number of wins enters play offs. This win is based on category. If your team scored higher in all categories (rebounds, assists, turnovers, etc) you win.


Roto league is category based. Winners in the roto league are selected by the team’s cumulative category totals in the season. Fantasy Scores in roto league are earned based on the total overall score awarded through the team’s ranking in each category.

Head To Head Points

In this type of league, it’s the teams that compete against each other to receive higher points.Usually, losers are eliminated till only one team remains- that’s the winner.

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If you are interested in this game, all you have to do is create a team free of charge and either join an already existing league or create your very own fantasy league. The choice is yours.