Baseball Glove Size Chart

Getting a baseball glove might be the kick start of your sports career, but a lot depends on how fitted the snowflake glove feels on your hand. Wearing the glove when idle is completely different than having to wear it on for hours during long matches. 

Due to this, a well fitted and tailored baseball glove can be the make or break of a serious match. Perfect fitted gloves are important for any game.

The lingo associated with a baseball glove and its size chart can be really confusing to maneuver around, but we don’t want you to fret about that. In this article of ours, we are going to go deep into the baseball glove size chart and make sure that you have the right knowledge by the end of the post. 

Baseball Glove Size Chart 

AgePitcherThird BaseShort StopFirst BaseCatcherOutfield
7 or under9-10.5 inches9-10.5 inches9-10.5 inches11.5 inchesN/A9-10.5 inches
8-1010.5-11.5 inches10.5-11.5 inches10.5-11.25 inches11.5-12 inches31-31.5 inches10-12 inches
11-1311.5-12 inches11-11.75 inches11-11.5 inches11.5-12.5 inches31-32.5 inches11.75-12.5 inches
14 and above11.5-12.5 inches11.5-12 inches11.25-11.75 inches12.5-13 inches32-34.5 inches12-13 inches

Why is the size of a baseball glove so important? 

Imagine wearing the wrong size of shoes to school instead of a baseball glove on your hand. Won’t it feel floppy and only act as a bother for you? The same scenario applies to baseball gloves as well. 

Without the right size of a baseball glove, you will only be pulling your team behind during seriously heated matches and practice sessions. Not having a baseball glove that fits perfectly on your hand can cause accidents during matches as well. 

The speed at which the ball arrives can be too powerful and risky to simply catch with your bare hands; this is where a baseball glove comes into play. 

What should a perfectly sized baseball glove feel like? 

A perfectly sized baseball glove that has been tailored and fitted to your hand size will only feel snug and comfortable, instead of heavy and like a burden. 

The point of getting the right sized baseball glove is to make your sporting ordeal ten times easier and more fun. While a lame and unfit glove will only create more issues with catches, a well-fit and tailored baseball glove will ensure better accuracy and ability to catch the ball instead. 

Most professional baseball players usually opt for gloves that come with an adjustable strap around the wrist, as that allows them to really tighten and loosen the gear whenever found necessary. 

If you are a newbie in the sport, we would suggest you to first get a baseball glove that is a size larger than your own hand size, as getting a larger size will allow you to grow into the gear later on in the years as well. 

On top of that, you can also tell if you really need a bigger or smaller glove size in that way. The wrist strap feature is also pretty beneficial for those who have smaller hands, as that way, the glove can hold onto your hand more efficiently. 

Factors to consider when getting a baseball glove for the first time

Although the size of the baseball glove is obviously the most important factor to consider here, the rest of the features of it are still accountable for how well you can play with the glove in the first place. 

Two piece closed web

This feature is mainly present for baseball gloves worn by pitchers and those in the first base of the match. The closed web design helps to hide the ball that you catch in between your hand and fingers. 

The feature is ideal for pitchers as it allows them to trick the opponent more easily. 

Trapeze web design 

On the other hand, the trapeze web design is ideal for out-fielders as the large section in the middle helps in catching and retrieving balls that have reached the end of the field. 

I-Web design 

In-field players prefer wearing a baseball glove that comes equipped with this design as the large areas in between allow excess dirt and debris to easily fall through. This design keeps their hand clean and empty at all times. 

Modified Trapeze design 

Unlike the traditional trapeze design, the modified trapeze design is actually ideal for pitches and third base players instead. The modified trapeze design is versatile, so beginners in this sport niche can benefit from wearing such a baseball glove in their early years of practice. 


Similar to the I-Web design, the H-Web baseball glove style also sports large gaps and areas in between the fingers here in order to allow catchers better view on flying balls. 

Basket Web

The last style that is the most popular among pitchers mainly is the basket web style. This baseball glove design is large enough to in fact hide the ball being caught, which is what pitchers seem to love when trying to trick their opponents. 

Is it hard to measure a baseball glove? 

In all honesty, measuring a baseball glove can indeed be really confusing, especially if you are a beginner at that. This is why we suggest you take help from a professional guide during your first few purchases. 

However, you can easily start understanding the sizing and charting method of baseball gloves eventually if you educate yourself by trying to understand and figure out how the size chart works by yourself. 


All you need is a few minutes to understand how a baseball glove size chart actually works. We hope that by now you know everything there is to learn about choosing the right baseball glove that fits your needs perfectly.